Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I have three small children, ages 8, 6, and 5.  I love them dearly.  I'm glad they are a part of my life.

And sometimes it feels like they are sucking the life out of my marriage.

Children are natural born consumers.  They will consume everything you give to them, and then some, if given the opportunity.  Our children are energetic, which makes them higher maintenance than the average.  Our youngest child is also very passionate and stubborn, and frequently stirs things up with her older brother and sister.  Some days when I get home, there isn't much left in my wife's energy bucket.

Being raised as an only child, it is difficult for me sometimes when the children pick at each other.  I tire of the yelling, screaming, and etc.  I also don't always bring home a lot of energy from work.  But that is a post for another night.

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